Always The Anti-Semitism

I was raised in a Jewish ghetto in the Bronx, New York City in an area inhabited by Jews who had fled anti-semitic Europe in quest for a land in which Jews could enjoy free lives. If anything went wrong, my dad would explain the problem in     two words-anti-semitism. Nechemya Weberman is a nice Orthodox Jew who works with adolescents  and young females. He was tried by the anti-Semitic Brooklyn DA  because some anti-semites charged this nice Jewish man with assaulting a young female who he worked with in his job as a counselor.

He is charged with forcing the girl to engage in oral sex and to play roles in his sexual fantasies. He is also charged with using money from a charity fund for his own pleasures.

When will anti-semites quit blaming Jews for crimes committed by Goys?Just because Nechemya helped a girl to play out her sexual fantasies why is he going to jail for 25 years. Just another example of anti-semites in action!