Am I Qualified For Danish Society?

The government of Denmark is concerned that those seeking to live in its society are qualified for membership in this elite society of Danes. In fact, they devote considerable time evaluating children of immigrants in order to determine which will or will not qualify for being a Dane. A thirteen year old boy from Thailand was taken to Denmark by his mother and step father, but he  apparently did something either at school or in his neighborhood to alert the Danish Protective Society to place him on their “goodbye list.”

Sirpat Kammininse was torn from his family and sent back to Thailand. He does not have any relatives to care for him in Thailand, but he is now 13 and apparently qualified to fend for himself. A kindly elderly teacher took pity on the boy and is caring for him.

The good news is that Denmark will no longer have to worry about having Sirpat in their midst. His presence was a deadly virus which could spread throughout the land and create disaffected Danes who are unable to become integrated into society.

Who the hell are these idiots in Denmark?? He is THIRTEEN for God’s sake!