There is scant doubt a new generation is emerging within an America confronting the ravages of economic dislocation and war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Less than two percent of those in the age bracket, 18-28 will be part of any military campaign since the concept of service of society is not common in their vocabulary. Oh, in high school, they will participate in food drives for poor people, and might even do a service stint serving food to the homeless. This generation has been allowed, if not encouraged, to delay responsibility since mom and dad are always around to help out with a few dollars and a place to sleep and eat. We term this as the Ambivalent Generation(AG). They do not believe in any political ideology, they lack firm convictions on any controversial policy. Most might even say they oppose abortion, but within a few moments will list exceptions to what they just said. Few of them support any dramatic changes in the American political system, they support “equality,” whatever that means, they mouth support for poor people, but rarely will they support legislation that would assist oppressed groups within society. The AGs accept growing inequality within American society as the gap between rich and middle class grows ever wider. In reality, they don’t have a clue as to what is happening within their nation, they are too bush fiddling with technology devices and twittering a comment.

The AGs are clueless in America as to structural issues pertaining to economics or to the politics of reform. President Barack Obama must accept part of the blame for this situation. This generation was receptive to a challenge, but Barack Obama was so focused on banks and the wealthy, that he completely ignored possibilities of organizing youth energy in a drive to create a 21st century society. AGs lack heroes, they lack ideas, they lack dreams of what could be, although they will never lack for a technology device in their hands. Robert Kennedy once said some men ask, “why,: while others as, “why not?” Obviously, the latter are dreamers.