America, 2013, Defend The Wealthy

I recently came across a story about a sixteen year old boy who, while drunk, crashed his car into other vehicles resulting in the death of four people along with seven others who were injured.Ethan Couch’s lawyer used the defense that his client was suffering from the disease of “affluenza.” Apparently, this is a new disease which is now recognized by the Republican Party. His lawyer argued that since Ethan came from a wealthy family he was never taught that if one committed a crime there was a consequence so how could he tell right from wrong. In other words, Ethan was not the guilty party, but his parents failed to teach him that if one killed other people, they might go to prison. A compassionate and caring judge agreed and Ethan was sentenced to a posh facility in California which charges $500,000 a year to assist rich kids escape prison.

This is not shocking. After all, the major complaint of the Republican party is the “war against the rich” which had made life diffiult for their children. Their kids are now the ones being persecuted. Life in America in 2013, the era of a new Holocaust.