America And Egypt

There is scant doubt that newly elected President Barack Obama inherited dysfunction in the Middle East stemming from bankrupt policies of President Bush and his two cronies, Cheney and Rumsfeld. Obama confronted wars in Iraq and Afghanistan along with emerging problems in Egypt. Literally, from day one of his administration Barack Obama has been struggling with what to do and who to support in that country. He went to Cairo and gave a nice speech about democracy in the Middle East. For some strange reason, he never touched base in Israel, just another example of his ineptness in the Middle East. During the past five years, the Obama administration has witnessed the overthrow of former dictator Mubarak in Egypt, and the subsequent overthrow of former President Morsi who now lingers in jail awaiting trial for instigating violence in his nation. The unanswered question simply is: what is the foreign policy of the United States toward the nation of Egypt?

Frankly, there is no foreign policy, there are no specific goals, it simply is one stumble after another. At this moment, the Egyptian military, the same crew that surrounded Mubarak, is in charge of the country. At this moment, Ahmed Maher, Mohammad Abdel, Ahmed Douma, and Alaa Abdel Fattah, the four men who organized the overthrow of Mubarak are in jail for inciting violence against the current military government. They spend twenty hours a day in their cells. In other words, those who began the famous “Arab Spring” are in jail.

In other words, the United States supports efforts in the Middle East to further the cause of democracy.

Question: OK, I now know the goal of American foreign policy in the Middle East for democracy so why are we supporting governments that suppress democracy?