America: Land Of Ignorance??

We are living in the 21st century and in the United States we are engaged in resolving issues of the 19th century, starting with the concept of evolution. Dr. Marty Klein, author of “America’s War On Sex,” stated bluntly the reality of how this nation has become absorbed in the trivia of issues that have no relation to the issues of importance. “America has entered a new dark age where people are proud of their ignorance. The US is careering towards a society that is reshaping women’s reproductive rights. It used to be abortion, now it’s contraception. How can contraception be a battleground? It is crazy.”

In Utah, sex education means simply learning to say, “no.”

In Texas, funds cut for birth control.

In Georgia, 8 of 9 female legislators walked out over attempts to control abortion rights.

Imagine being in an educated society and listening to this madness in the USA? There is a world economic crisis, there are serious problems in the struggle for peace and what do Americans discuss–contraception!!