America Must Be Obeyed

Many years ago Jaques Ellul wrote a book in which he described the power of “technique.” The essence of his argument is that once institutions arise in a  modern society, it makes no difference who is in charge of society, they will always allow the institution to survive. After Castro took over Cuba, he maintained the same police in power and a policeman who serve the  dictator Batista simply continuing serving the Communists. Barack Obama  implements the same procedures and regulations that prevailed under Bush. Edward Snowden is a “spy” and therefore all nations of the world must adhere to demands of the United States to capture this man of evil.

When the plane of Bolivian President Evo Morales was parked in Vienna, the Spanish ambassador to Austria came to it and demanded the right to search for Snowden. This is not ordinary procedure in the world, but when the Boss Man, Barack Obama gives an order, all nations of the world must obey. The heck with international procedures, Obama rules!