America Needs Dreams

We have become a nation without any dreams of greatness. It was Democratic Party leader Thomas Jefferson who sent men to explore the entire nation, who began the first great road to the west that became Highway 40. It was Republican President Abraham Lincoln that passed the Homestead Act which gave free land to millions and built the Transcontinental Railroad to the west coast. It was Republican President Theodore Roosevelt who provided government funding to create an air force and it was a bipartisan effort to initiate the first income tax. President Franklin Roosevelt during the worse economic calamity in our history who built thousands of road, hospitals, bridges, airports, post office buildings and schools as Americans united to transform our infrastructure.

Well, it is time to engage in great adventures and what better time than during an economic disaster. What can we do as a nation?

1. Create a modern high speed train system from coast to coast.

2. Renew our space efforts with the goal of sending an American to Mars.

3. Completely rebuilding our infrastructure.

4. Guarantee every American a free college education and as step one pay off all student debt.

5. End poverty by guaranteeing each and every American a guaranteed income(by the way, Republican President Richard Nixon once made this proposal.)

To accomplish these tasks it is necessary to raise taxes on those who are wealthy and those who make more than $250,000 a year. But, for them an opportunity to be part of a new America.