America Number Two!!

The Republican party continues to claim that under the Obama regime of Socialism and spending the road to serfdom  beckons to the people of this nation. It insists that any black dude who was born in Africa simply lacks the skills  of a true American and will only lead the people of our fair land to destruction. Well, the statistics are in, the results are finalized and due to the brilliant work of President Barack Obama the United States of America no longer is Number 1 in the contest over which nation is the fattest on this planet. Good News! Mexico with an obesity rate of 31.8% has been surpassed by the fatty Mexicans with their 32/8%. Hurrah, we no longer lead the fatty race.

It is quite clear that once Republicans policies lower the calorie intake for poor people the end result will be less weight. Starve people and help them become thinner. Who said Republican policies do not aid poor people??