America Or Fundamentalist Jews?

Barack Obama is president of the United States of America, and Benjamin Netanyahu is an Israeli politician whose primary goal in life is to retain power by appealing to fear and war. He is the flip side of the Tea Party, an organization which never places the interests of the nation before his own political gains. Iran’s vice president Masoumeh Ebtekar emphasized the recent phone conversation between President Rouhani and President Obama could begin a process that would result in peace and stability within the Middle East. She urged the American government not to repeat Bush era mistakes when an outreach from Iranian President Khatami was rejected by the cowboy from Texas with disastrous results for world peace. Ironically, had Khatami’s offers been accepted, the people of Israel today would not have fears and concerns.

It is time for Barack Obama to make clear to the Israel branch of the Tea Party that the interests of America in seeking peace with Iran not only benefit the Middle East but they most directly protect the interests of Israel for peace and harmony in the Middle East.

Ebtekar noted that talks between Rouhani and Obama could not only resolve conflict between Iran and the US, but could also provide a new path leading to peace in Syria.