America Supports The Right Democracy

Prime Minister Abbas, who heads Fatah, has suddenly become the golden boy of conservative America. He performed a brilliant piece of strategy by losing control of Gaza to Hamas. Actually, he really didn’t “lose” Gaza, he planned to get his troops beaten by Hamas in order to prove to America that Hamas was composed of evil people who hated democracy while he and Fatah represented all that was wonderful about democracy.

Just about every conservative American publication is basking in the glow of Fatah’s defeat because it means America no longer has to worry about dealing with Hamas which won a free election. Hamas never grasped that when American conservatives say they wish “democracy” to be triumphant, they mean, an election in which the right people win– of course, conservatives decide who represents the right people.

Isn’t it about time George Bush ceases proclaiming his love of “democracy” and becomes honest. Hamas won, but was deprived of any form of assistance. The history of humanity is replete with examples of radical groups which gain power, but, once confronted with the tasks of governance, become less violent. Bush and Israel never allowed that possibility to emerge. Instead we have two entities. Depriving Gaza of any aid will only create more suicide bombers which will result in more Israel bombing which will lead to more suicide fanatics, and so on. American conservatives have a 100% failure rate in predicting Middle East policy, they are headed for another failure by isolating Hamas and fostering economic disaster in Gaza.