America The Innocent

Once again the world is picking on the United States government over some words that were exchanged between two US diplomats. Victoria Nuland, an Assistant Secretary of State who focuses on Europe and eastern European areas was having a private discussion with the American ambassador to the Ukraine which has been torn with civil unrest when some sneak listened into their discussion. Ukrainian President Yanukovych has been confronted by riots and fury on the part of thousands in the Ukraine over his decision to buddy up with Russian pseudo dictator Vladimir Putin. Most people in west Ukraine prefer moving closer to the European Union. There apparently is a difference of opinion between the US Department of State and the European Union how to handle this situation.

In her conversation with the US ambassador Ms. Nuland made the remark, “fuck the EU.” The American State Department is furious that foreign groups would listen in to private conversations of Americans. They now blame Russians for finding a way to spy on American diplomats and tape their conversations! Just think of this, a foreign government taps into private discussions by diplomats. I am certain the United States will make a formal protest to the Russian government about listening into conversations held by American officials. This is unheard of in the history of diplomatic relations!!