America Ubber Alles

Many years ago a German leader insisted that his nation was destined to be all over the world and the end result would be a world controlled by Nazi Germany. Today, there is a government which insists it has the right to check on what each nation is doing because God Himself has appointed it to survey the entire planet identifying all the bad people who reside on it. So far, Brazil, France, Mexico,and UK, as well as dozens of other countries have complained about US spies checking into their private correspondence. Yesterday, the German Foreign Ministry, summoned the US Ambassador folling reports of American intelligence hacking into their files. German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a personal complaint to the president who continues to insist that America has the right to hack any and all files.

Just check the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution which grants the American people control of the world.Or, if that doesn’t work, how about shouting: NATIONAL SECURITY of TERRORIST.

Let me see:

Phone hacking

No Health access

Checking on Muslim citizens

Gee, do we need the return of George Bush??