America Ubber Alles?

Republicans have been complaining for months that President Obama and his weak Secretary of State Hillary Clinton refused to defend Americans who were in Libya. For some strange reason Repulicans do not charge former President George Bush or the ex-VP Dick Cheny with failure to protect the lives of American soldiers in Iraq. The government of Libya charged the United States with entering its nation in order to capture ABu Anas al-Liby who is a terrorist. An elite American military squad entered the nation and captured this man who was strolling on the streets. The Llibyan government claimed it was an act of kidnapping. Secretary of State John Kerry responded with the claim it was a “legal and appropriate target”

Sorry John, it was an illegal action. One might argue that illegal actions are quite correct if the target is a “bad guy.” But, when all is said and done, it was a kidnapping. The issue now is where to place the “criminal” on trial, we do not have to worry about the verdict. Guilty as charged!