American Army Seeks Reducing Civilian Air Deaths

Continued mistakes by planes in their attacks on alleged hiding places of Taliban leaders have all too often resulted in air strikes that resulted in the death of innocent civilians. A May 4th bombing which caused the death of dozens of innocent Afghans has resulted in a new program that will seek to improve coordination between ground troops and the air force in order to end such errors. A new report recommends improved training including making soldiers role play scenarios in which they call for air strikes without leading to the death of civilians. It has become common for ground forces to call for air attacks without ensuring they are absolutely certain Taliban leaders are in particular locations.

The study of the May 4th bombing identifies use of a 2,000 pound bomb on an alleged house that was being used by the Taliban even though it was not certain they were in that location. The plane was told to bomb but dropped the bomb without securing a reconfirmation of the target. It may be necessary in fighting a guerrilla conflict to double and triple check before carrying out such operations.