American Conservatives For Conservatives.

The American Conservative Political Action Conference had a meeting and they invited a bunch of men who claimed to be ‘CONSERVATIVES” to offer their ideas on how Conservatives could win an election. Men like Marco Rubio and Chris Christie appeared and presented their ideas, they were met by polite applause and in some cases a few cheers. The man of the hour was Senator Rand Paul who stands for Freedom, Christ and the American way of life. Chris Christie made a valiant attempt to shift focus from his blunders about cars on the George Washington Bridge and yelled and shouted his hatred of President Obama but most in the audience had firm pictures of Chris and Barack surveying damage from a hurricane. In a dramatic shift of views, Conservatives are now for ending mandatory prison sentences and allowing people to smoke pot and they certainly want to end the surveillance government that they had placed in power under former conservative George Bush. Conservatives now stand for FREEDOM AND CHRISTIANITY.

They did take a poll. Rand Paul came in first with 31%, Ted Cruz came in second with 11%, third was good old black skinned Dr. Ben Carson who out does anyone when it comes to being a conservative, and then came Chris Christie with 8%. Last year’s darling, Marco Rubio who then received 23% now attained 6%.