American Democratic Allies

During the past decade American presidents have portrayed the struggle against “terrorism” or rogue nations as one in which the forces of democracy struggle against evil enemies. Bahrain is frequently described as among our “allies” in the struggle to spread democracy in the Arab world.  The government of Bahrain has announced a ban on all protests against its government. As the Interior Ministry put it, any “illegal rally or gathering would be tackled through legal actions against those calling for or participating in it.”

In plain English this means if those in the Shiite majority seek to protest against the Sunni minority which rules with an iron fist they will be sent to spend some time reflecting on their unruly ideas in the peaceful confines of a jail cell. This action if what we term in the USA an act to curb terrorism. Something like arresting Hispanics or those who support ideas like evolution and have made the mistake of living in Texas.