American Dirty Politics In Full Swing

The election for president campaign of 2008 has shifted to full throttle with recent rumors concerning Sarah Palin who was selected by John McCain for the vice president slot on his ticket. Originally, there were stories circulating that Palin’s daughter had given birth to the four month old Down syndrome child of Mrs. Palin, but today, those rumors were ended with the announcement her 17 year daughter is pregnant. Mrs. Palin announced that her daughter Bristol and the young man who made her pregnant will get married and have the child. According to Palin backer, Mathew Staver, dean of the Liberty University School of Law, “we’re all sinners.”

We report this story, not so much for it being newsworthy, but in order to demonstrate the hypocrisy of Republican party leaders. Bristol Palin didn’t do anything that was “sinful,” she engaged in some healthy sex and it is no one’s business what she intends to do with the result of her sexual activity. As this blog recalls, the same Republican party leaders who are now “welcoming” sex without being married, were the same ones who were prepared to impeach Bill Clinton as president. Of course, what would have been comments by right wing pundits if a teenage daughter of the Obamas was pregnant?