American Disgust Goes On

The American people just experienced an exercise in the political process of inaction and shouting anger at one’s opponents. It is no wonder that latest poll figures indicate a “plague on both your houses” from the public. Nearly two-thirds of the American people have no respect for what now transpires to be the “Republican Party” and nearly half are not enamored with the Democratic party. About 53% blame the Republican Party for the latest fiasco about budgetsa nd 295 blame President Obama. The Tea Party retains its 25% rating which it no doubt views as proof the government should be closed down-forever and good old free enterprise allowed to take over the country. Ooops, free enterprise already has taken over the nation.

We now inhabit the United States of Guns and a political process which, essentially, blames poor people for any and all economic problems. They eat too much and this nation needs slimmer folk so let us reduce wages and get them obese folk on a strict regime of hunger. Best thing for them.