American Gutless Wonders

I am an inhabitant of the United States of America. In this land of 313,000,000 people about two million are members of the armed forces. In other words, less that one  percent of these brave, noble folk are willing to place their bodies on the line in order to defend their own nation. But, there are millions of brave folk who would gladly place their votes or bodies on the  line to protect the National Rifle Association. Americans are very brave and nobel. They protect the right of mass murderers to spray a movie theater with bullets because to force the shooter to reload takes away his Constitutional right to kill. As Senators refused to proceed with a reasonable law that provides background checks, a mother of a son who was killed in a massacre shouted, “they need to be ashamed of themselves, they have no souls. They have no compassion.” But, they will have money to use in getting elected.

We Americans will allow a gunmen to spray bullets without having to reload his weapon-it says so in the Constitution! Unfortunately, President Obama is a gentleman and did not call these men who they are-COWARDS. Or, should we really call them who they are-SCUMBAGS!