American Ingenuity Then, Not Now!

Once upon a time in the United States of America we entrusted  workers with opportunities to build great dams and highways. During World War II there was need for a new highway to Alaska and this task was carried out by Negro troops who operated in segregated units. They build the Alcan Highway within a year  because of determination and creative thinking. At one point, their equipment had been sent to white units and the task was building a bridge over a  river that was 300  feet wide. They told superiors it would be built in three days. It was.

These soldiers cut down trees, used the lumber for the bridge, plunged into waist high raging waters and the Sikanni Chief Bridge was built. Today, when a new tunnel was proposed under the Hudson River, Republican Governor Christie said there was not enough money for the task.

Once upon a time in America we entrusted our workers to do great things. Tody, Republicans only believe wealthy folk can do great things. Of course, they mean by “great things” obtaining more money for themselves!