American Jews On Obama And Israel

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu operates on the assumption that President Obama fears losing the American Jewish vote and will not take a strong stand against his nation’s refusal to negotiate with Palestinians. He expects to wear out Obama by simply refusing to take any action and trust to the president backing down in the face of a possible American Jewish defection to Republicans in the upcoming election. The 2010 Annual Survey of American Jewish Opinion conducted by the American Jewish Committee reports American Jews have the exact opposite views than Netanyahu. At least 55% support Obama’s Israel policy whereas only 6% of Israelis regard him as a friend. Over 70% of American Jews believe the United States foreign policy is supporting Israel.

The down side of the survey reveals most American Jews believe Palestinians seek to destroy the state of Israel. Netanyahu can continue being defiant and stubborn, but the winds of change are apparent in the Middle East. There are strong indications the American military is demanding peace in the Middle East in order to pursue their campaign against terrorist groups. When push comes to shove American Jews will support that policy.