American Love Affair With Wealthy People

Thirty years ago, the top one percent of Americans earned about 8% of wealth in a single years, in 2010 the top one percent earn 24.5% of wealth and their plight is on the minds of most Americans. If one listens to Tea Party stalwarts, “the government” is seizing wealth of our poor oppressed upper class who only receive nearly one fourth of all the money earned. In other words, one percent earn more money than about 150,000,000 Americans. During the past thirty years under both Republicans and Democrats, the wealthier continue becoming wealthier and the middle class gets less and less. As for the poor, it is all their fault for being lazy unlike the industrious wealthy folk. After all, poor people get to live in crowded tenements with rats but the wealthy have to live alone in their grand homes. I believe we need a “Rat Affirmative Action” program which will provide wealthy people with equal access to rats.

I have lived for eighty years but do not recall any prior time in history in which Americans were so damn concerned about the plight of our wealthy citizens and so uncaring about the poor. Actually, they are even more concerned over the wealthy 1% than with economic needs of the middle class, let alone their health needs. They flock to nut cases like Sarah Palin who shows NO concern about the middle class and complete concern for the wealthy! Explain that one to me??