American Military Uncertain About Drawdown

A string of bombings in the city of Tal Afar, a small but strategic locale, is raising fears about a return to sectarian conflict highlights the complexity of withdrawing forces from Iraq. General Petraeus has yet to conclude US forces can be withdrawn in the coming months. Since April the four bombings in the city have killed 40 people and wounded dozens of others which has alarmed Mayor Najim Abdullah if Iraqi troops could enforce law and order in his city if the Americans left. Theoretically, in 2005, Iraq soldiers drove out militants from the city, but three years later there are still bombings and deaths. Abduallah notes: “there used to be a whole brigade here and now it’s less. Soon these policies(withdrawal) will backfire in Tal Afar and allow terrorists to come in.”

Hopefully, the bombings in places like Tal Afar will not increase once American troops withdraw, but the question still remains– are Iraq forces sufficiently strong to maintain law and order in their nation once the Americans depart?