American Ministers Spread Hatred

During the past several years, evangelical ministers from America have been visiting Uganda in oder to spread the word of Jesus Christ to hate fellow humans. The self appointed ministers of God have told people in a society which already is rife with homophobia, that it is necessary to wipe out any form of homosexuality regardless of the cost. Just as hate mongers like Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck spread hatred and then deny their words had any effect on society, so do American evangelical ministers who now insist their words did not have any effect in Uganda. David Kato, the leader of gays and lesbians in Uganda was assaulted, beaten and killed by a group of men who wanted to end the presence of gays in their society. At the funeral of David Kato, Anglican Pastor Thomas Musoke called on God to punish homosexuals even as most of the people in the gathering were gay or lesbian. “the world has gone crazy,” he cried. “People are turning away from the Scripture” and on and on went his words of bigotry.

There are few openly gay and lesbian people in Uganda where the government has passed laws making being a homosexual to be a crime. And, it is into this society that American ministers believe there will be no impact when they call upon people to deal harshly with homosexuals.