American Muslim Views Differ From European Muslim Views

A recent study by the authoritative Pew Forum discovered Europe’s Muslims tend to be “markedly less well off thatn the general population” while most American Muslims, say “their communities are excellent or good places” to live; About 71% believe they can succeed in the United States by working hard and their income levels and number of college graduates match those of the general population. Sixty-three percent of American Muslims report no conflict between religious devotion and living in a modern society.

An interesting facet of the study is that 53% of US Muslims think life is more difficult since 9/11, but they place fault in the Bush administration rather than neighbors. In fact, 71% say they have never experienced any discrimination and 85% believe suicide bombing is never justified. Unlike poor European Muslims who frequently become alienated, poor American Muslims rarely express alienation with living in the United States. America’s long history of conflict and assimilation with many racial, ethnic, and religious groups m ay account for the feeling among US Muslims they can succeed. American Muslims are more prone to become active in the political world and their economic success leads to participating in significant organizations. The headscarf issue which causes such continual debate in Europe is barely ever discussed in America.