American Politics, Circa 2010-Who Is The Tough Guy!

Imagine two boys confronting themselves in a playground and each daring the other to take a punch. This scenario is all too common among children, and now is equally becoming so among members of American political parties. Vice President Joe Biden came out swinging at former vice president Dick Cheney who claimed President Obama was weak on terrorism. In response, Biden emphasized: “we’ve eliminated 12 of al-Qaeda’s top 20 people. We have taken out 100 of their associates.. They are on the run. I don’t know where Dick Cheney has been.” Of course Dick has been where he always has been –slinging mud at anyone who challenges the Bush/Cheney version of reality. Dickie was upset at a claim there was no likelihood of another 9/11 attack. He was also upset at the arrest of a young Nigerian who tried to blow up a plane because the young man was not waterboarded and tortured to get information.

According to Cheney, weakling Obama has taken waterboarding off the table. “I think that’s a mistake” according to the man who wants the world to know we Americans are leaders in torture and can even show those damn Chinese a few things about how to manhandle a prisoner. On the other hand, maybe Dick has a point. How about America becoming the leading exporter of torture.