American Spectator No Spectator!

There us one consistent method of operation by those who term themselves, “conservative,”  push, cajole, destroy and create chaos–in the name of ending chaos and violence. Patrick Howley, an assistant editor at the conservative American Spectator magazine, decided it was time to egg on protesters in order to provoke some violence in the name of discrediting violence. He boasts of efforts to create violence at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

A group was protesting use of drone planes in overseas wars which goes against what Howley believes should be our policy. “As far as anyone knew I was part of the cause–a cause that I had infiltrated the day before–in order to mock and undermine in the pages of the American Spectator, and I wasn’t giving up until I had my story.” His role was to escalate fighting, to rush past guards and demand others follow and then use the chaos he created as the basis of a story condemning protesters for using violence. In fact, in his story he even mocks protesters for “lack of nerve to confront authority.”

Is anyone unclear as to why we have a gridlocked Congress?