American Youth Explained

I have enjoyed the pleasure of teaching those in community college as well as in four year colleges so explaining the behavior of those born in the 1990s is rather a simple matter. First, look at the figures: about one third are still with mommy and daddy and are still using their childhood bed. Second, they do not believe in any religion other than that of the iPad. They prefer spending their days reading blogs that believe what they believe. The idea of actually engaging in exploring a strange idea is simply not part of their belief system. Third, of a hundred who attend community college, half drop out before two years are up. Imagine, a teacher wants them to do read books! Why can’t they simply check out their iPad for the answer?? Oh, about one out of four eventually receives a college degree.

They do not believe in any philosophical idea other than they are the center of the universe. They demand their rights and among their rights is the right not to do any academic work, that qualifies them for a “B” grade. Yes, they are not an intellectual force in our society. What do they need?

1. Compulsory National Service at age 18 in which they engage in productive work like working in our forests or building roads and bridges or assisting the elderly or cleaning up garbage. Something that requires physical labor.

2. To actually go hungry and frightened for a few weeks.

3. Spend some time with their minds –THINKING!