American Youth Leads In Partying!

Recent studies reveal that America’s youth certainly lead the world in several important categories–alcohol, drugs and  obesity. Those in the age bracket 18-28 are number one in drinking, in use of marijuana and certainly in butt size due to their amazing girth. They area also among the world’s least youth group to display interest in politics or in understanding their own society. Of our Community  College students -nationwide– fewer than 20% ever get a BA and half never get through Community College because they are off having a grand old time.

There is sadness in these figures. Those in the age bracket 18-28 lack an understanding of economic changes in society which require higher education in order to economically succeed. They prefer life at the moment to life planned for the future. They prefer text  messaging to reading  textual material and they fear not informing friends what they  ate this morning is among the great tragedies of human kind.

Drink, drugs, fatness are the important facets of all too many in this age bracket.