Americanizing Afghan War- Will It Succeed?

The new year promises to witness an Americanization of the war in Afghanistan with introduction of about 30,000 American troops to augment coalition forces. Within the coming months, American generals will be calling the shots in deciding military strategy. An experienced US general, John Nicholson will soon command in the South which has been the scene of extensive British, Dutch, and Canadian action. “By introducing more U.S. capability,”says Nicholson, “we have the potential to change the game.” The assumption of American strategy is more troops, more cooperation from local clan leaders and more effective use of military capacity will result in victory.

There are many assumptions, among the most is the ability to replicate in Afghanistan success in Iraq. Of course, there are vast differences between the two countries. Iraq had a well educated population and the capability of utilizing modern ideas. Will this be true of the more economically backward Afghan population?