Americans Are Number I, We Don’t Need….

In recent conversations with community college students and my daily review of Fox News it is apparent many Americans believe we are Number 1 nation in the world and have no need of things going on abroad.

1. Yes, China is building high speed train systems, but we prefer cars which allow us to get stuck in traffic jams and waste time.

2. OK, so people in other nations live longer, but we have the best medical system in the world. We get to see our doctors quicker if we have the money and that proves we are Number One.

3. Big deal, that some countries provide better pre-natal care. An American child knows from first breath this is a tough world and only the tough survive.

4. We are not impressed that children in other countries score higher on math and science tests. But, when it comes to scoring higher in basketball games, look to the good old USA!

5. Europeans are always talking about riding bikes and having solar panels or using wind energy. But, when it comes to packing streets with the SUV, man, we are Numero Uno in the world!

6. At least here in America a man or woman can pack a six gun when going to pray to their Lord. The road to perdition is sprinkled with the bodies of those who lacked a six gun to defend themselves.

7. Just remember, we are Numero Uno in Obesity in the entire world. So, if you want to pig out, come join the American pigs in action. USA, USA, USA!