A new Gallup Poll reveals that only 11% of Americans are satisfied with their government, their work, their lives or the state of humanity. They are tired of high unemployment, wars in which Americans die(of course, not them since we do not have a draft) and people coming into our country and taking away their jobs picking strawberries in the hot fields of California. They are just darn mad and want someone to do something!

Let’s examine the record:

George Bush approval ratings were over 80% when we entered Afghanistan.

A 100% of Tea Party folk supported the invasion of Iraq.

A 100% of Tea Party folk supported tax cuts for the wealthy which created our debt.

A 100% of Tea Party folk were against regulation of business because to do so was SOCIALISM!

A 100% of Tea Party folk are against government run health care and prefer private enterprise which results in America having the highest health care costs in the world.

I have a hunch if Americans are angry they might gaze in the mirror and find the reason for their anger.