Americans Deride “Stupid Congress!”

Yes, Tea Party folk stood up for their beliefs that America can not raise revenue by taxing those who possess wealth. Yes, the Republican Party stood strong for cutting, cutting, cutting and making the middle class and poor people bear the brunt of our economic follies. Yes, the President of the United States once again demonstrated he has the backbone of a chocolate eclair when it comes to standing up for the rights of Americans to a fair deal from their government. The end  result of this travesty of politics was a Pew Poll revealing that 14% of Americans trusted Congress, 18% thought Barack Obama had conducted himself with dignity and 11% had something nice to say about Republican House leader, John Boehner.

The poll reveal Americans termed the recent follies in Congress a “stupid,” “ridiculous” and “disgusting.” It is now clear a majority of Americans are tired of the current political parties which  run our government. We urge creation of a new political party which seeks to create a society based on EQUITY in which all share the burden of paying for what must be done to create jobs and restore wealth to the middle class and poor people.

We urge creation of an EQUITY PARTY and a nation wide draft movement which would ask Billy Gates to head this new political entity in order to restore a dynamic economy which generates jobs for all desiring work.