Americans Die In Afghanistan

The item simply said that a suicide bomber entered an American base in Afghanistan, and without warning, the man pulled something and there was an explosion in which an estimated 8 Americans died. He obviously wore a suicide vest and looked like any ordinary Afghan civilian who was walking in the dust of his native land. Is it possible to prevent such incidents–the answer is clear– there is no way to halt such attacks. American and European soldiers are in Afghanistan fighting to…..? Ah, isn’t that the question. What exactly are we fighting for? President Obama, like his predecessor George Bush, insists we are in Afghanistan to prevent terrorism. Of course, by being in Afghanistan it sparks terrorism. Sending soldiers thousands of miles away to prevent terrorists is, by definition, a failed policy.

The issue of Afghanistan is always the same– the people of Afghanistan need honest, effective leadership that can instill a desire to end those who cause death and destruction in their country. Unless the people of Afghanistan assume this role, terrorism will continue.

This does not mean the United States has no responsibilities in Afghanistan. But, our responsibilities can only be carried out if their is an honest government led by competent managers whose goal is creating a nation in which economic opportunities are present and people can move about in peace.