Americans Dislike John Roberts Court!

The Supreme Court is the only branch of our Federal government that is not elected by the American people. It is allegedly the one institution which must set aside petty political beliefs in order to render decisions based upon law and what is necessary for the American people. Chief Justice John Roberts has from day one behaved in his role as an advocate of Big Business and the Republican political agenda. Together with his fellow Republicans, the five Catholics represent the views of Catholicism prior to the advent of Pope John XXIII. New polls reveal growing distrust among the American people at actions of the five “Conservatives” whose only thought is preserving the wealth of those with money.

Latest figures reveal that 80% of Americans disagreed with the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United which declared that those with wealth had a right to spend money because it was a “free speech” issue. Only 18% agreed with the Court. Only 8% agreed with the recent McCutcheon decision which again allows spending as much money as one desires is simply free speech. Polls also reveal that 60% vs 36% believe that Justices were more likely to be carrying out a personal or political agenda than rendering an impartial decision.

At this point in time, the John Roberts Court has a 45% favorable agreement view among the American public. It was 61% before John Roberts became the Chief Justice.