Americans Go Home!

Almost twelve years have gone by since US forces entered Afghanistan and worked with the Northern Alliance in order to rid the country of a Taliban government. Two American presidents, three Secretary of States, God knows how many generals and a thousand of so dead Americans have been part of this time period. President Hamid Karzai  has been leader of Afghanistan during most of this time period and, together with his cronies in crime billions have been looted from the government and little has been done for the ordinary Afghan. Hamid Karzai, however, is determined to protect his people from the odious Americans who kill without thought.

Karzai is furious at actions of American Special Forces who  are accused of torture, abuse and murder. Hamid ordered US forces from the province of Wardak and made clear the tyranny of Americans is over in his nation.There is no doubt US soldiers have abused people, there is no doubt they have killed the innocent. But, if Karzai had worked to create a modern efficient  government and an army that wanted to work for peace and a decent life for all Afghans, there would be no need for any American troops in Afghanistan.