Americans Respond To Tea Party Fascists

St. Louis was the scene of Tea Party Fascist thugs seeking to disrupt the process of discussion and debate. We print the following comments by St. Louis citizens who attended a meeting called by Congressman Russ Carnahan:

Marilyn Beck, Affton

“There was a large crowd in attendance with a vast number of individuals intent on disrupting what should have been a highly informative meeting about issues we all will have to face in our lives.
The pandemonium truly was a sight to behold. It all started with some people in the crowd making a mockery of the Pledge of Allegiance. It continued with outbursts from some in the crowd, talking over the speakers too many boos to count. Nazi salutes and name-calling. this all occurred while the speakers to to carry out the promised agenda.
It was clear that those who were disruptive were there only for that purpose. We have freedom of speech, but I suggest that the obstructionists who were at Thursday night’s meeting start thinking for themselves, turn off the talk radio and television and try to start an honest and true dialogue with their congressman. If they do, their voices will be heard and they won’t be just some voice yelling nonsense at a meeting.”

David Scott, St. Louis

“I attended the Russ Carnahan event August 6. I knew what to expect but was taken back by the outrageous display of anger. The crowd was driven by fear, paranoia and, in some cases, blatant racism. One man was carrying a shirt calling President Obama ‘just another bum begging for change.’
Despite the mob’s attempt to intimidate the crowd, a few of us stuck around and sane the same patriotic songs the ‘tea party’ sang. Telling us we were committing blasphemy they shouted, ‘God damn you to hell.’ Of which God were they speaking? God who commands us to to love one another and He loves us, to cast us to hell because we want universal health care?”

Tea Party supporters are the same type of too bit hooligan who flocked to the Nazi party and thought Adolf Hitler represented the voice of reason. They are the voices of hate and anger, not the voices of love and compassion which is characteristic of great American leaders. To those of us who seek a universal health care system, we welcome those with ideas on how to achieve that end.