America’s China Problem-Is There One?

The war in Iraq is winding down, America hopes the war in Afghanistan can finally wind down, so what is now necessary for this nation? The answer is simple, find a new enemy so we can spend a few hundred billion dollars protecting ourselves against a menace that is not very menacing. President Obama and US military leaders indicate our new concern is growth in China’s military forces. As of this date, the nation of China has a single aircraft carrier, which certainly threatens the dozen American.

China Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Liu Weimin told the media his nation seeks to develop military forces but this action “will not pose a threat to any nation.” China is a smarter than the US, why waste hundreds of billions on a military force when that money could better be used to develop the economic strength of a society?

I await US military leaders urging building up our armed forces to deal with the growing strength of Andorra.