America’s Legacy Of Drugs Wars In Mexico

The American obsession with wanting drugs and making the sale or possession a criminal act has spawned drug gangs all over Latin America, but none are more dangerous than those in Mexico. Americans sleep peacefully in communities on one side of the border while a few miles away drug lords kidnap, kill and destroy the very basis of law and order. Relatives of scores of missing people demanded the Mexican government dig up mass graves which were recently discovered that contained human remains. It is believed the bodies of over 300 people lie in these graves of violence whose bodies were dissolved in barrels of caustic soda.

Santiago Meza was the “stew maker” who dissolved the bodies for the Areliano drug gang. Although many of the victims died because of drug wars, many were individuals who had been kidnapped and never returned. Last year, about 5,700 people died in drug related killings. When will the American people address their need for drugs and end the madness of illegal drugs??

  • Emily

    I read somewhere that they are really cracking down on the drugs/gangs in Mexico, although I’m sure that their economy runs so much off of the sale of the drugs, they won’t crack down that well. If you like reading daily news, I belong to this website they have 12 or more different news feeds going directly to your personal website, free.

  • Fred Stopsky

    Drugs are a minor aspect of the Mexican economy. But, drug money corrupts police, government officials, and so on