America’s Number One Issue-WOMEN!

Oh, there are some in America who actually believe the nation confronts challenges to its economic system which over the past forty years has enabled the top one percent of our wealthy from doubling their control of our wealth. In 1980, the top percent controlled ten percent and today they control twenty percent. But, to the Republican party, the major issue facing America is -WOMEN. Former Governor Mike Huckabee, who is all over television stations, was asked to speak before a session of the Republican National Committee about what must be confronted in America. He rose to the occasion. He blasted Democrats for portraying American women as greatly in need of “Uncle Sugar”(the government) who spends his days and nights supplying pills for women. As Mike puts it, the pills are needed to control “their libido or their reproductive systems.”

The Republican gathering cheered on this rather obese man who knows how to arouse a meeting of fellow Republicans, just go after them women. RNC spokesperson Sean Spier noted that “I don’t know that we would have used the words that he did.” He did not make clear which words should have been used. How about those in hunger or students paying off their debts?