America’s Shame–Destroying Mexico

There are reports a former candidate for president in Mexico has been kidnapped, and may even be dead. Scarcely a day goes by without stories about drug lords killing and raping innocent people in Mexico. Naturally, the American media points fingers at Mexico and its drug environment as a symbol of a nation that has lost control of its own security. Rarely, does the media examine the cause of drug lords. It is not Mexico, but the United States of America which has created this drug culture of violence and death. If America ceased making drugs illegal, the entire structure of drug gangs would be faced with collapse or seeking another venue in order to make money. The American appetite for drugs is among the most painful for nations in the world which have witnessed the emergence in their society of gangsters who make money from the American illness.

For a nation that daily consumes countless drugs to create feelings of euphoria, it is ironic that only a few drugs are illegal–the ones which allow drug gangsters to emerge. We forget there were no laws against drugs until the early twentieth century, and Americans survived without need to create thugs.