Amnesty In Kenya Or Punishment?

The extensive violence that followed the flawed Kenya election continues raising issues concerning those who participated in the horrors. Hundreds of people were killed, many even burned in homes or churches. Kenya’s Justce, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs minister, Martha Karua, made clear there will be no amnesty or forgiveness for those who generated the outbreaks of hate and violence. “Some people have been calling for forgiveness of those arrested but I want to say that the due course of law must take charge.” Instead of amnesty, she wants to expedite the execution of the law against those who committed crimes in the name of politics.

Part of the problem is that high level leaders in Kenya’s government undoubtedly encouraged violence in order to prevent Raila Odinga’s opposition party from assuming power. At this point, those who followed and obeyed the call for violence are in jail, but the president and his cohorts remain free from being charged with anything. In fact, they continue ruling and continue using their power.