Amnesty In Russia??

This may come across as a shock but in Putinland there actually exists a group known as the Kremlin “human rights council.” Imagine, there actually is some thing in which the words, “human rights” appears! This group is working on a general amnesty for those currently in jail within the the land of Putin. It would grant an amnesty to pregnant women, women with children, the elderly and disabled Russians. Two members of the Pussy Riot group still remain in jail for the heinous crime of singing an anti-Putin song in a Cathedral. In most civilized societies, this “crime” would be considered a misdemeanor and the person would receive a fine. But, this is Putinland and anyone who dares to insult or poke fun at our Glorious Leader must be sent to prison–IMMEDIATELY!

Two members of the Pussy Riot group are in jail. Nadezha Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina and both have 5 year old children. Hopefully, they will be given an amnesty. Hopefully, they will leave prison. Hopefully, they will leave Putinland.