Amnesty International Blasts Denmark Refugee Policies

Amnesty International issued a sharply critical report on alleged poor treatment of asylum seekers in Denmark as well as noting failure on the part of police to respond to complaints of mistreatment by people. The report deplored the decision of Denmark to accept assurances from other nations that asylum seekers on return home will be treated with respect. “The most important thing for the Danish government seems to be closing the country’s borders to refugees, forcing 282 Iraqi asylum seekers home to an unknown future and deporting terror suspects to countries that employ torture and unfair trials.” There are currently about 300 people in Denmark seeking asylum, but it is doubtful if their requests will be accepted.

The nation’s police force also came under criticism, particularly in their failure to respond to allegations of rape. It was noted only about five to eight out of a 1,000 complaints against police are ever upheld.