Amnesty International Charges Israel With War Crimes

Amnesty International(AI) charged that Israel military forces during their invasion of Gaza destroyed thousands of homes in attacks that border on any definition of war crimes. AI urged the Israel government to pledge its military forces will not use artillery, white phosphorous and other imprecise weapons in densely populated areas. On the other hand, AI urged Hamas to cease firing rockets into Israel and attacking innocent civilians. The Amnesty International report raises many questions such as why high precision weapons like tank shells and air delivered bombs and missiles “killed so many children and other civilians.” It is apparent the death of at least 900 civilians in what was supposed to be an offense to destroy enemy military forces should not have also resulted in the death of so many civilians.

Israel military authorities rejected the report’s conclusion and argued it did not reflect “the unbearable reality of nine years of incessant and indiscriminate rocket fire on the citizens of Israel.” This is a valid point, but it ignores that the nine years of rocket attacks did not result in other than a handful of deaths. The issue is not whether Israel had a right to defend itself. The issue is the disproportionate number of Gaza civilian deaths in what was supposed to be a military operation.