Amnesty International Slams Lebanon For Anti-Palestinian Behavior

Amnesty International in a 31 page report, “Exiled Suffering Palestinian Refugees In Lebanon” severely criticized the Lebanese government for failing to accord Palestinian refugees opportunities to integrate within the community and afford them educational and economic opportunities available to the average Lebanese citizens. There are now 300,000 Palestinian refugees living in 12 camps on the same amount of land the original refugees were given in 1948. This has resulted in massive crowding and miserable living conditions. Syria and Jordan have taken steps to integrate Palestinians within their societies, but Lebanon continues its policy of segregation and dehumanization of the refugees. Amnesty International has documented evidence that even attempting basic ways of improving one’s hovel by Palestinians usually results in fines.

The refugee question which hinders resolution of the Israel and Palestinian conflict can be more readily addressed if massive aid was provided refugees currently in areas such as Lebanon. It is unrealistic to assume 5,000,000 Palestinians can return to their original homes in Palestine or Israel. There is need for economic, political, and cultural actions to ensure the refugees can succeed in their present areas of habitation. It is the only realistic approach to a complex question.