An Afghan Horror Story

Within a week after the accidental burning of some Korans by American soldiers a new incident threatens to create countless greater problems. An American soldier entered at least three homes in a village and proceeded to execute sixteen Afghans including nine children. General Bradshaw informed the media, “one of our soldiers is reported to have killed and wounded a number of civilians in a village adjacent to the base.”

Undoubtedly, psychiatrists and political commentators will offer explanations for this act of violence. We can expect from Fox News  a defense of the killer or at least blame for Muslims who killed American soldiers as the  explanation why this soldier went wild with anger and hate. War is hell. War transforms decent people into killers. War demands living with horror and brutality and fear. Only this young man can explain what and why he did what he did. There is no excuse for this action. Perhaps, if we understand “why” it will be clearer as to what happened.