An African Tragedy

Once again, African leaders failed to protect the rights of people on their continent. President Jacob Zuma hailed the election of Robert Mugabe as a victory for democracy. The 89 year old Mugabe supposedly defeated Morgan Tsvangirai by a vote of 61% to 34%. This is an amazing turn around from the last election in which Tsvangirai actually had more votes than Mugabe until the elderly autocrat murdered hundreds of people, raped hundreds of women and forced a coalition government in which he maintained his power. African leaders never challenged that election and today they refuse to stand up for democracy in Zimbabwe. Their only concern is protecting authoritarian rulers because they realize one day their disregard of democracy will be the issue.

Secretary of State John Kerry made clear the results “announced today do not represent the will of the Zimbabwean people.” UK Foreign Secretary William Hague expressed his nation’s “grave concerns” over the travesty of justice in this African land. But, African rulers will not stand up for democracy!