An African Tragedy–African Leaders!

It is nearly a year since the people of Zimbabwe, elected Morgan Tsvangirai as their president, but he never took office because the existing president, Robert Mugabe, would never allow anyone but himself to rule the nation. During the ensuing months, Mugabe has been politely asked by numerous leaders of Africa to please agree on a coalition government with Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change, but their pleas disappear into the silence of Mugabe’s dictatorial regime. The Southern African Development Community will once again ask him to work with a coalition government format, and, once again, he will ignore their pleas. The SADC wants Mugabe to continue as president and Tsvangirai to become the prime minister.

The major stumbling block is that Tsvangirai wants his party to have a fair share of power in the Cabinet, but Mugabe refuses to give him anything other than a few minor posts. Patrick Chinamasa, the spokesperson of Mugabe, once again said: “We are not going to agree to a reopening of the subject of allocating of ministers.”

Mugabe has arrested dozens of leaders of the MDC, and he wants complete control of the police and army. His concept of sharing, is that Mugabe people have all the power and Tsvangirai can share in the disaster that is Zimbabwe.

  • Emily

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